A Poem And A Pint with Tony Curtis

Evening folks

Anybody who is within striking distance of Ulverston should really head over this Saturday to see the wonderful Tony Curtis performing at A Poem and A Pint, this Saturday 9th February, starting at 7.30pm at the Coronation Hall in the Supper Room.  It would be lovely to see some of you there.  There is no open mic this time, but the committee will be providing five minute floor slots- so that means I’ll be reading!  I don’t know what yet – I don’t like to be too organised, and after all it is only Thursday.

Today has been a hard day – I drove to Kendal to do 2 hours whole-class brass teaching  in the morning, then back to Barrow to do another 2 hours whole-class brass teaching there, and then straight back to Kendal to do a 2 hour Inset session.  I feel like I’m coming down with a cold – feel really run-down, but am determined not to be ill over half term.  That would be too cruel!

I’ve had a dodgy foot since Sunday which I have, to be fair been MOANING about, mainly because I’ve been hobbling about, and limping is really bloody exhausting – it basically feels like I’ve got a bruise on my foot.  Anyway, I went to the doctor’s yesterday, feeling like a bit of an idiot, and the doctor said I have plantar fasciitis so am on heavy duty anti-inflammatories.

I feel slightly guilty as my plantar fasciitis problem has trumped hubby’s glued-up-hole-in-his-chin problem (see previous post) and he’s been having to walk the dogs all week as I can’t put any weight on one foot.  However he saw the dentist yesterday, and they think he can just have a cap on his tooth which will cost £200 (!) and hopefully the teeth won’t fall out.  I thought it would make more sense to wait and see if the tooth falls out first before putting the £200 cap on it, but apparently not – the tooth will just get weaker if it is not capped.

I am now off for an early night (again).  I know I will see some of you on Saturday at Poem and A Pint, and I will be posting up a really beautiful Sunday poem this Sunday from one of my favourite poets – but you will have to wait to find out who it is.

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