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Hi all

I used to write a blog called the Sunday Poem.  Unsurprisingly, it appeared every Sunday. I would talk about my week and then post a poem that I’d read that I’d enjoyed.

A long time ago, my old friend John Foggin said he’d counted up my blogs and I’d written the equivalent of a couple of novels!

After a few years, the Sunday Poem stuttered and stammered to a halt, but I’ve always remembered how much I loved doing it. Looking back on it now, so many ideas that I tried out on my blog ended up being developed further in my PhD thesis, which then became my book Are You Judging Me Yet? Poetry and Everyday Sexism.  So I’ve decided to start again, but this time I’m going to be posting on Substack, and I’m not alone!

The substack is called “Shaw and Moore” because yet again, Clare was unable to say no when I asked them if they wanted to take part.  We’ll be posting about poetry, neurodiversity and any other random things that pop into our heads!  We’ve already made a theme tune and there are a few essays about teaching, drafting and putting a collection together up there already, so do cycle back through the old posts if you take a look.

We’d love to have you as a subscriber – you can subscribe for free of course, and there will be lots of content that is free, but if you’d like to support our work and get access to all content, you can become a paid subscriber. Paid subscription is £4 a month or £45 for the year.

The Birth of Shaw and Moore – by Kim Moore and Clare Shaw (substack.com)

The logo from our substack - made of our names "Shaw and Moore" and our rather small heads peeking round the letters


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