Sunday Poem 10 – Janet Rogerson

Today’s Sunday poem is by Janet Rogerson.  Janet has just had her first pamphlet published by The Rialto (www. and a thing of beuaty it is too.  The Rialto not only produce the fantastic magazine of the same name, they also create beautifully designed pamphlets and full collections too.  Take a look at their website and show them some support!

 I will try and add a picture of the front cover tomorrow at some point.  I would definately recommend buying a copy.  Janet has a way of writing which often descends into the surreal, but she always keeps herself grounded in reality. 

I first met Janet on a Poetry School course in Manchester and was struck by her poetry back then, so it was lovely to hear that she’d been picked up by The Rialto – well deserved!

The poem below is the last poem in her pamphlet, which might seem a funny choice to showcase, except this was one of my favourites.  I also think it’s a good example of Janet’s quirky way of looking at things. It reminded me of the well known story of the Greek poet Cavafy and how, before he died, he drew a circle with a dot in the middle – enigmatic to the last.  I wonder if Janet had this in mind when she wrote the end of this poem?

Anyway, please comment and let me know what you think of the poem!

If you would like to find out more about Janet her blog is


The graves were windows with their shutters down.
The flowers were fresh on some and dead on others.
Best is fresh, second is dead, and last is none at all.
An oblong with a stone, again and again and again.

Walking up and down the rows
I realised what was wrong and felt the need
to tell you quickly, just in case.  I left a message.

When I die curl me up and place me in a round box.
I cannot lie on my back like a corpse.
I started as a circle, so don’t iron me out.
Don’t make my last statement a linear one.

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