The nice things people say

Afternoon everybody.  Today I got an email to say I hadn’t won a Northern Writers Award – which is a bit of a bummer.  However two lovely things have been written about me this week online – the first is a review of the reading I took part in a couple of weeks ago at the Lyric Festival.  You can find the whole review here, written by Lizzy Jewell –

but I’ll quote the bit about me because I get described as ‘delightfully northern’ which is quite nice – I sometimes forget that I’m originally from Leicester!

“Secondly, was the delightfully Northern and extremely engaging Kim Moore. Moore playfully admits that she always reads her poem about wolves first, so she doesn’t have to explain what it is about, because even she isn’t quite sure. It is  ‘Tuesday at Wetherspoons’ which is an overwhelmingly realistic portrait of ageing couples in rural England. Images of forced affection with uncomfortable references to ketchup covered chins. Playfully, again, she claims that a comparison has been made between her poem about Wetherspoons and Dante’s circles of hell. But apparently that wasn’t intentional…”

and yesterday the lovely David Coldwell who has the official title of being the 2nd person to use my paypal button to buy a pamphlet did a lovely piece on his blog about the launch of the Sculpted Anthology that I’m in which took place in Hebden Bridge – I wasn’t there but my pamphlet had just arrived and I get called ‘hard-working’ in this piece!  Have a look at David’s blog which is at

but here is the bit about me!

“….in the anthology is a new poem from the very hard working, Kim Moore. Being Married retains the same voice that created many of the poems in her wonderful, prize winning pamphlet, If We Could Speak Like Wolves. I’ve been a fan of Kim’s poetry since reading some of her work through The Poetry Business but refrained from buying a pamphlet as I’ve been trying to catch her live at one of her many readings – it seems that Kim could also possibly do with a set of wings after following her adventures on the blog. Sadly work commitments have led me astray so it was a nice coincidence that together with last week’s Sunday Poem, Kim announced the arrival of a PayPal button on her site. Without further ado, the button was pressed and two days later the pamphlet arrived, signed and with a thank you note.”

So thanks to David Coldwell and Lizzie Jewell who have showed me that it’s not all about money – the nice things people say mean a lot as well.

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