Blogging from Boredom

Good morning folks.  I am about to do something I have never done before, which could end in disaster – I am blogging from boredom…

I am currently sat in Manchester Airport with the hubby – we have been here since – our flight was at 9.05 or was supposed to be – but it’s been delayed – don’t know why.  It’s now 10.10 and it is supposed to leave at 10.40.  So I should be just coming into Ireland now, but instead we are sat at the airport.

I’m not really bored actually – more frustrated because I want to get going.  And I thought I might as well take advantage of the free hour of wifi you get in the airport…

Yesterday was a manic day – in a slow kind of way. I’d decided it would be a brilliant idea to get a manicure, pedicure and my hair coloured the day before we went on holiday – forgetting that left me no time to pack.  It’s a hard life isn’t it?!  Two hours getting my nails done and then my friend H came round to get the key so she can look after the cat – and we had a nice lunch – well it was nice after she valiently saved it from my attentions – I’d managed to undercook the jacket potato and slightly burn the quiche – but it was salvageable.  Then I had to get down to the hairdressers and spent nearly three hours getting my hair coloured – and then me and the hubby drove over to Calder Bridge which would normally take about an hour and fifteen minutes to drop the dogs off at the dog sitters house, who is a lovely lady who keeps them in her house and walks them for a couple of hours each day…anyway – we had torrential rain last night and the window wipers on the hubby’s car decided to stop working so we had to keep pulling over, giving them a wiggle and then they would groan into life again.  This is the car that cost us 200 from a teaching assistant i worked with who was going to scrap it – it has lasted two years now, so I shouldn’t complain really – but the journey took double the time because of this drama and I thought we were going to crash and die.

So we got back at about 11pm and then, of course I hadn’t packed and I kept procrastinating about shoes because I was worried about going over the weight – so I’ve ended up wearing my hiking boots because they are the heaviest shoes I own, my fave baggy jumper, my winter coat in case it’s cold so I do look a bit – well, large, whilst everyone else is in summer gear – but then it did say it was raining in Cork – so maybe I will have the last laugh when they all have soggy feet…

I got to bed at about 1.45am and we had to leave at 4.  I felt terrible this morning and flaked out on the sofa whilst the hubby loaded the car.  Then I snored all the way from Barrow to Manchester whilst the hubby drove.  What a hero!

I am thinking more and more I would quite like to blog throughout the Fermoy Poetry Festival – I don’t know yet whether I will be able to access the internet easily or not – if I can, then I will blog at night and let you all know what’s been going on.  Last year was like no other poetry festival I’ve been to, so I think it is a worthwhile enterprise….. I don’t know.  I have a suspicion this blog post is sounding very dull and I sound like I swan off getting my hair coloured all the time and nails done – which I don’t….but I wish I did!  I wish I had more time to go I mean…

oooh….apparently the plane is just pulling into the gate, so hopefully we are going to get going!  I will get to Cork, by hook or by crook.

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