My New Life


This photo may do more to explain why I’ve been a bit quiet on here recently than lots of words can! My daughter Ally was born on the 24th May – two weeks early but weighing a very healthy 8 pounds 6.  I thought she would make life very different but even that was wrong.  It feels instead like a completely new life – even though I’m sitting here in the same place I always sit in to do my work it feels nothing like it used to.

In the daytime, Ally doesn’t like sleeping anywhere else except in this position, which makes life a bit tricky!  As well as making life wonderful – it sounds cheesy but what an honour to have another person (however small) feel at her most comfortable and content when she is resting on me.

My blog posts from now will probably be a lot shorter but I’d like to blog as usual about writing but I’ll also be writing about becoming a parent so this is your warning to unsubscribe if you’re not interested in such things! I think I’ll probably do the parent stuff under some short pithy headings if possible so look out for those…

This is also a quick reminder that there are a few rooms left for the Poetry Carousel in December, which is running at Rydal Hall this year in Ambleside from 6th-9th December 2019 with tutors Clare Shaw, David Tait, Malika Booker and myself and guest poet Roy McFarlane.

The few rooms left are  two en-suite rooms, two rooms with private facilities and a cottage with two bedrooms and a shared bedroom (suitable for two friends to share).

If you’d like to book, please contact the hotel on 015394 30834.

The residential at Treloyhan Manor Hotel in St Ives, Cornwall has nearly sold out – this is running from the 27th April till the 2nd May 2020 and my co-tutor is the brilliant Fiona Sampson.  There are only three places left for this course – to book a place please ring the hotel directly on 01736 796240.

If you have any questions about the format of the courses, please get in touch with me directly via the Contact page.



3 comments on “My New Life

  1. Not sure if you will see this message on reply but I can’t sleep in the heat so am up at this ungodly hour – so lovely to see your little girl and yes, isn’t life different? Mine was born 8 and a half weeks early. Ally looks gorgeous and I’m so glad you’re settling into it albeit not, oh no I’m garbling, it’s too late! Also, thank you for being one of the judges that selected my poem Manju for the NPC longlist.

    Hope the mastitis is better. I am not finding any time to write poetry now – it’s very full on being a parent to a baby though i love it. Well done for even doing the blogs!

    anita (pati) xx


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