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Kim Moore sitting next to a box containing copies of her second collection 'All The Men I Never Married'


New Book, New Look!

Welcome to my new website! With the arrival of my second collection All The Men I Never Married, I thought it was about time I got myself a proper, grown up website.  Thanks to Claire Steele of Lil Creative Studio for all her hard work and patience in pulling all of this together.

To say it has been a strange time would be a massive and gross understatement, but it really has been a strange time.  I handed in my PhD thesis and began working as a full-time freelance writer the day before the first official lockdown which was spectacularly bad timing to be doing such a thing.

Somehow it has all worked out, and despite the pandemic and the loss and the fear and the practical things like not having any childcare for quite a few months, not seeing family or friends, having no paid work for a while and then getting too much paid work – somehow, somehow, somehow I managed to finish my second collection.

As you can see from the cheesy photo above, my men arrived! The cheapest way to get a copy is direct from Seren here as a pre-order.  However, if you’d like a signed copy, you can get one directly from me by heading to the Publications page and using the Buy Now button you’ll find there.  I’ll be posting a batch of books out tomorrow and over the weekend – after that, I’m away for a week, so probably best to order direct from Seren.

Forthcoming Events

I’ll be reading from All The Men I Never Married online and in person at various locations across the UK, including Kendal, Carlisle and Derby. For more information or to book a ticket at an event, head over to the Diary page.

I’ll also be keeping this site updated with news of upcoming events, workshops and residential courses, and hopefully blogging a little bit more often than I have been recently.

I hope you are all well, and we bump into each other at some point, either in the online world or face to face.


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